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The Sacramento County Opioid Coalition brings people together to save lives.

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Our Coalition has pooled together manpower, ideas, and resources and made a beneficial impact in the battle against Opioids. We are dedicated to reducing opioid overdose deaths in Sacramento County. We take measures to control overprescribing and spread knowledge of the dangers of opioids but synthetic opioids like Fentanyl is growing a larger street presence. Opioid overdose deaths in the county have increased this year, which tells us we still have a lot of work to do.

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At the Sacramento County Opioid Coalition, we are always seeking members to join our team. Every individual has different experiences and ideas to offer. If you or your organization is working to reduce Opioid Use Disorder Deaths, you likely have similar goals with us. As partners, together we can pool resources and support each other.

Sacramento Opioid Coalition Members

  • Attend quarterly meetings
  • Plan future action
  • Offer feedback on current projects
  • Enter a mutually beneficial partnership with SCOC
Sacramento County Opioid Coalition
Learn About the Opioid Epidemic in Sac County
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Opioid Use Disorder Is A Disease
Reduce Stigma and Increase Recovery
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